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Reflecting back to when I was overwhelmed & losing my shit over little things - what I would have told myself

January 25, 2021

In this episode I share a story from a time in my life when I was very overwhelmed, frustrated & lacking self confidence. I go through what I believe was underneath it all & what I would have said to myself in that moment. 


0:40 min - Intro to episode & journal project

1:35 min - Overwhelm situation in journal 

3:00 min - Social anxiety & all I had to do in that moment

4:00 min - Lack of awareness of my needs

5:20 min - I don’t understand why I can’t handle my shit

5:52 min - Blaming the sugar & gluten 

6:20 min - The mind is so powerful, I can eat gluten & sugar without being overwhelmed

7:00 min - What are your needs?

8:55 min - What I would have said to myself

11:20 min - The greatest need I had then, self love

13:36 min - A lot of women are feeling overwhelmed 

16:00 min - A message to every woman



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