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Re-release: Creating a consistent movement practice without the struggle, a healing conversation with movement & mindset coach, Brittany Kelly

December 16, 2021

Brittany Kelly is a movement and mindset coach. In this episode, we chat about movement and how to go about setting yourself up for long term follow through. We also talk about ways to make your movement goals more manageable and how to do the deeper work of creating health from the inside out, rather than the outside in. If you have struggled with being consistent in your movement practice, this one’s for you!! Prepare for so much permission to be yourself, and also come up with a plan on what will work for you. 


0:35 min - Introduction 

1:39 min - Brittany’s Journey 

7:00 min - Permission to listen to your body 

10:00 min - The fine line between listening to yourself & not putting up with your own shit 

13:00 min - The healthy vs. “unhealthy” ratio for health

19:00 min - Permission to follow intuition in movement 

20:00 min - Ways to hold yourself accountable 

27:25 min - Switching from the masculine to feminine in movement 

36:44 min - Brittany coaches Sarah

44:50 min - What she wants every women to know to her core



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