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Overwhelm at Costco, and the Growth it CAN Bring if we are open - inside look to Sarah’s relationship

January 18, 2022

In this episode, I share how an overwhelming trip to Costco brings forth greater understanding in my relationship.


Everybody knows how busy Costco can get around the holidays, and shopping with another person can have its challenges as well as benefits, especially when we have different ways of getting things done! Ryan and I experienced a close look at our different ways of handling situations, and we were able to reach an understanding of our specific strengths and weaknesses in order to minimize future grocery store stress.


It just goes to show, healing can happen in the most ordinary places, at the most unexpected times. 


2:40 An inside look at my inner trauma

11:50 Reaching an understanding

23:00 Nervous system, health, how trauma impacts and shows up in daily life



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