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Open up your Heart Chakra

November 23, 2021

Open up your Heart Chakra, November 23, 2021


In this weeks’ Inner Truth Tuesday, Sarah shares a timely teaching about opening up our heart chakra by using gratitude in order to live our best lives.

Also, she shares an incredible real life example of what is truly possible when old wounds are healed, the chakra is opened, and the vibration is lifted. The change can come so fast it’s almost impossible to believe!


3:45 Intro to the importance of the heart chakra, and the feelings associated with it. 

When our heart chakra is open, we are more likely to feel inner peace, happiness, excitement, love joy, playfulness all those happy, the lighter emotions

When our heart chakra is closed down, we are more likely feeling frustrated, angry, upset, burdened, just overwhelmed


5:30 Healing example


7:00 When you are able to energetically do some work you just feel so much better, because there is a huge shift


10:50 learn how to keep your heart open, and if it’s possible ALL. THE. TIME.


12:10 to think about what are the things that you let bother you. Always, question, and call on gratitude to shift your perspective and open your heart.


Listen to the end for an exciting program update :-)

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