Inner Bitch Inner Truth

March Intuitive Guidance (2022)

March 1, 2022

In March’s Intuitive Guidance, Sarah shares the energy of the month. This month we are coming into our own power, and realizing that we can change our lives through small changes in daily habits. We are continuing to deepen our self care practices in preparation for the growth of Spring.


Inner Bitch Inner Truth will be taking a break for the month of March, to focus on self care and aligning actions. Sarah will still be live on IG in the middle of the month, so make sure you are on the email list for the exact date.


The New Moon meditation will be available March 1st-3rd.


5:50 General theme of March- Coming into power

  • We have been on a journey of releasing and rediscovering what we want in our life- we are realizing that we have the power within!

7:45 Deeper lessons we are learning

  • Life is a game of choices, and this month we are learning to align our actions and what we want for our future, with the inner experience that we want to have.

14:00 Healing available to us this month

  • We need to give more to ourselves than we give to others.

15:10 Action steps

  • Pick something that you have been thinking about for months now, and take action on it.

15:50 Other guidance

  • Lean on loved ones, collaborate with them
  • It’s a month of connection- reach out!


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