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Life after recovery & supporting those still in it - an eating disorder awareness conversation with Moyra Gorski

March 4, 2021

In this episode, I chat with my friend Moyra about her eating disorder recovery and the journey she has been on since helping her own daughter through her own ED. We talk all things ED, life continuing on after recovery, the importance of filling up your own cup first and the power of true friendship. 


0:40 min - Introduction to Moyra

2:00 min - Moyra’s story 

8:40 min - Moyra recognizing her daughter had ED

13:50 min - How people realize they have ED

14:55 min - Common threads through ED 

20:15 min - What it’s been like for Moyra supporting her daughter with ED

21:00 min - Most insightful thing she’s been told

27:00 min - The uncomfortableness of putting yourself first 

35:00 min - Holding space rather than fixing

37:50 min - Where to find Moyra 

40:00 min - What Moyra wants every woman to know 


Connect with Moyra: 

FB: Moyra Gorski

IG: @greengorski

Podcast: Juggling the Chaos of Recovery 


The interview I did on the Juggling the Chaos of Recovery:


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