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Let’s talk about sex, babbbyy. A chat with Dr. Jenny Buchner on body positivity & sex as it relates to your overall health

February 11, 2021

In this episode I chat with Dr. Jenny Buchner. A Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for spreading awareness of body, sex and period positivity. We talk all things women’s health, body positivity and sex as it relates to playing a role in your overall health!! Yes… sex is for your health!


0:35 min - Introduction

4:30 min - Journey she takes women on

7:00 min - Most common thing she works on with women 

13:44 min - Sex talk

26:00 min - Body positivity & sex 

27:48 min - Orgasms 

41:00 min - Victim Consciousness in Sex

45:57 min - Where to find her
47:17 min - What she wants every woman to know


Connect with Dr. Jenny on IG: @docjenb_nd

Dr. Jenny’s book recommendation: The Ethical Slut 

To work with Dr. Jenny: 


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