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Intuition Q + A

July 19, 2022

In this episode, Sarah takes time to answer some of the questions she received about intuition. Make sure to listen to the previous 2 episodes on intuition if you missed them!


There were a lot of awesome questions, and Sarah shares her answers based on her experience. If you are starting on the journey of developing your intuition, or learning more about it, this is a great episode to check out! If you’ve been listening to your intuition for a while, some of the questions and answers may bring a new awareness.


3:35 Your intention is incredibly powerful

7:00 Alcohol, cannabis, and intention

9:35 Pineal gland cleansing

18:20 Thought on psychedelics and effect on intuition

24:30 Intuition and Human Design

27:50 How do you know when it’s intuition vs. fear

36:35 How do you make sense of what is coming through?

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