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December Intuitive Guidance

November 30, 2021

December Intuitive Guidance


First, Sarah shares about her personal growth and reflection from November’s guidance.


This month’s guidance is an important message about self care, releasing expectations, and leaning in to trust. With the upcoming holiday season, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Thanks Universe!


The present moment is truly all that matters, that’s where we experience our life.


2:37 Reflection and learning from November’s guidance

3:43 Force vs. Flow

6:12 December Guidance starts

December’s Theme - “What do you really want?”

7:57 “Seeing things play out is a form of sabotage”- Our expectations vs the Universe

8:30 Lesson for the month- Release

9:08 We need to let go of our expectations.

11:27 The Universe has your back

13:39 Healing available this month

15:26 Grounding tips

18:04 Additional guidance


I would love to hear your reflections from November, or what you got from December’s reading!


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