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blind spots + practical example of sarah healing a blind spot around fear of being seen

February 15, 2021

In this episode, I talk about my experience healing blind spots. I first explain what a blind spot is and how we form them, then I share the process that I recently went through. If you’re wondering what actively doing the work to create a life you love looks like - this is the episode to listen to. I share my story of being scared to be seen and what’s underneath it. 


0:35 min - Introduction to blind spots

5:55 min - Why having a guide on your journey is so important 

7:51 min - Set up phase for healing blind spots

18:20 min - Discovering the conscious understanding of this blind spot

22:22 min - Discovering subconscious beliefs

33:00 min - Putting things all together

37:00 min - What happens after the healing


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