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April Intuitive Guidance

April 1, 2022

Before beginning April’s Intuitive Guidance, Sarah checks in after the March break, and shares reflections about the hustle culture, and the benefit of taking a break! 

Podcasts will continue to be on a pause during April, but we will be back in May with the next intuitive guidance! Stay tuned or get on the email list for occasional episodes in April.


April’s energetics are all about refining the vision and becoming what our soul desires, without spending our precious energy putting other people first. It’s time to let go of what we thought we were supposed to do, and who we thought we were supposed to be, and return to our authentic selves! We will become aware of the opportunities all around us, and return to the guidance of our intuition.


New Moon in Aries Meditation - It will be open all month -


2:45 Episode begins- time has been flying!

6:30 General theme of April

Refine the vision for you - let go of what you thought you were supposed to do and be, and become what your soul desires

13:55 Deeper lessons we are learning

Highs and lows are a part of life - We are aligning with our authentic selves, and need to continue caring for ourselves in order to avoid feeling stuck

21:38 Healing available to us this month

See the opportunities. They have been floating around us for a long time now, but we haven’t been able to, or haven’t wanted to see them.


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