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A women’s health convo with Dr. JoNell Shaw - all things menses cycles, seed cycling, optimizing your body for pregnancy + the impact of sexual trauma on motherhood

April 22, 2021

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Shaw about women’s health. We talk all things menses - the way you’ll feel in the different phases & the type of exercise you should be doing in each. Seed cycling as a way to support your hormone production. Pregnancy and how to optimize your body if you’re looking to get pregnant. We also talk about sexual trauma and the impact it has on women and motherhood.


0:37 min - Introduction to Dr. Shaw 

2:30 min - Dive into Menstrual Cycle

13:18 min - Seed Cycling

17:58 min - Pregnancy Story

35:00 min - Sexual Trauma’s effect on Motherhood

42:00 min - Tapping into feminine energy

48:00 min - What she wants every woman to do & believe


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