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A chat with Dr. Philip Ryan on optimizing the stress response in the body using NET, relieving physical symptoms in the body

May 13, 2021

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Philip Ryan about Nero-Emotional Technique and the implications it has for a healthier mind and body. We talk about how emotions can be at the root of physical issues in the body and how these emotional wounds typically originate from childhood, without us even being aware that’s what’s happening!

1:00 min - Introduction to Dr. Philip Ryan 

15:50 min - Emotional component to physical health

20:00 min - Children sponges to their environment 

26:45 min - Patient Cases using NET

36:25 min - What happens post NET session

47:00 min - What he wants every woman to know!



Dr. Philip Ryan is a practicing chiropractor in Ft. Thomas, KY. He is passionate about mind-body medicine and often utilizes the Neuro Emotional Technique to help remedy stress-driven ailments. He enjoys spending time with his wife Natalie, creating delicious healthful recipes, singing, and playing the piano. 


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Ryan Chiropractic & Wellness in Ft. Thomas, KY

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