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A chat with Dr. Erin Moore, The Heartbreak Doctor, talking all things Self Marriage, Self Kindness, Self Love

February 4, 2021

In this episode I chat with a fellow Naturopathic Doctor and mind body expert. She is known as the Heartbreak Doctor & specializes in Self Marriage. We talk all things Self Love & Self Kindness. She takes us through a beautiful practice of Undercover Kindness & gives so many nuggets of wisdom and healing!


0:35 min - Introduction to Dr. Erin Moore

3:00 min - Dr. Erin’s Story, Self Marriage

6:28 min - Dr. Erin’s Story, Heartbreak 

16:00 min - We are the One’s, her signature program & what she teaches women 

21:49 min - Naturopathic Lens of Health & role trauma plays

30:00 min - Undercover Kindness Technique 


More about Dr. Erin: Dr. Erin Moore, AKA the Heartbreak Doctor, helps women heal their hearts so that they can build a life they love. She is a licensed naturopathic physician and an expert in mind-body medicine.

In her virtual practice, she helps women identify and resolve the wounds of their past that are tied to their current suffering. She also has a passion for teaching women the building blocks of self-love and self-healing through the concept of “self-marriage”.  She is the creator of We are the Ones, the one and only self-marriage program on the market and is excited to help you see that you are a powerful self-healer and the one you’ve been waiting for!


Connect with Dr. Erin Moore on IG: @drerinmoore

Heart Healing Sisterhood FB Group:

Free Self Love Masterclass, Thursday February 18, 7 PM (CST) 

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