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32. Behind the scenes of an inspiring 2x small business owner, Natalie Hudson

March 25, 2021

In this episode, Natalie shares her journey of becoming an Entrepreneur, she was 23 when she opened her first biz!, and then created another successful business after her more traditional career experience had let her down. She’s an incredibly inspiring woman who is doing the damn thing of going after her dreams & making a living doing her craft and what she loves. 


0:35 min - Introduction to Natalie & her story

15:00 min - The lows 

20:00 min - How she started Moonlit Stones

26:49 min - Limited Time Offer
31:00 min - Making more money than what she’s trained for

40:00 min - Advice of starting your own craft biz

45:20 min - What she wants all women to know!


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